Resident Evil 5

Action horror survival at its best!

When Resident Evil 4 was released with its complete overhaul in design and gameplay, going from a fixed 3D perspective to an over the shoulder 3rd person perspective, they completely changed the series. As well as gaining a more realistic look and feel the series lost its overall sense of claustrophobia and intensity. Capcom have kept this perspective in Resident Evil 5 and it feels even more removed from the first few games in the series. I’m not complaining as I’ve put between 50 to 60 hours in to this game and enjoyed every minute of it but it feels more like playing any other quality 3rd person action game and not the survival horror game that it is coined as.

The biggest problem that most people have with this game is the stop and shoot mechanic. Yes, it does feel clunky at times and perhaps a little outdated since similar more modern games don’t force you to stop whenever you aim. However it is a part of the series and I prefer to think of it as a challenge to be overcome within the game, rather than a game-breaking mechanic.

Resident Evil 5 takes place in 2009 in the fictional Kijuju autonomous zone or KAZ for short based in West Africa. Here players will once again take control of Chris Redfield who is now a founding member of the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance or BSAA. A group founded shortly after the downfall of the Umbrella Corporation to track down all the nasty biological weapons created by Umbrella. Partnered with Sheva Alomar of BSAA’s West African branch, they attempt to rendezvous with another team in order to catch a bio-weapons smuggler but find the local population has been infected and being attacked from all directions.

As a single player the game is enjoyable and will keep many entertained with a good amount of unlockables, upgrades and collectibles to keep you coming back and replaying the game. It’s recommended that you start the game on a harder mode as many hardcore gamers may find the default difficulty a little too easy.

However the game feels made for co-op with multiple paths throughout levels, dual switches and strategies for killing the bosses all with 2 players in mind. Sheva, as an A.I. controlled partner is certainly not the worst I encountered and I was rarely frustrated by her but nothing beats another human player by your side.

Graphically the game is wonderfully presented, no matter where you look you will find eye-candy. From disgusting maggot infested corpses to beautifully lit shanty towns, there is an attention to detail throughout. Cut scenes are a joy to watch with near-Hollywood type production. Bosses are huge and scary with some truly gruesome and unique designs that could make your eyes water.

Sound is on a par with the graphics with some horrifyingly monstrous sounds designed to make the hair on the back of your neck stand on end. Atmospheric ambiance gives the whole game a well polished feel that will immerse you in the biological nightmare that is Resident Evil.

Gold edition

This edition of Resident Evil 5 includes the Lost in Nightmares and Desperate Escape DLC. Together these add more value to the game by expanding on the back story and is highly recommended to fans of the series. As well as the extra chapters, a versus mode is also included in which you fight off hordes of enemies against a timer and is an excellent addition to play with friends. Move support is also supported in this edition of the game and is one of the better reasons to own a Move controller.

Closing Comments

Resident Evil 5 is an incredible game to play with a friend in co-op but stands out as a single player with its high production values. For me it has an old school feel with its huge boss fights and over the top plot and this can only be a good thing. It may be a little too short for some but with plenty of reasons to play again and again if not to collect everything, but to challenge yourself in the hardest modes.

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