Disney Universe

Family fun

For the first couple of hours I thought this platform game from Disney Interactive was incredibly easy and childish but then I realised I was thirty years old and it wasn’t designed for me. This is definitely one for kids up to the age of about thirteen, something some reviewers giving this game a sub-standard review seem to have forgotten.

In Disney Universe there is a plot but it’s fairly basic as you would expect. There’s several computerized worlds that have been overtaken by a virus called hex filling them with all sorts of hazards, obstacles and baddies. There are six worlds containing three stages in each, the first that’s unlocked being Pirates of the Caribbean as well as Aladdin, Alice in Wonderland, The Lion King, Monsters inc, and Wall E. You unlock these other worlds in any order you like by collecting mickey mouse shaped coins that are plentiful throughout the game.

As well as these different worlds there are in excess of forty costumes to dress up your character, ranging from the obvious ones based on the worlds within the game to classic Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy as well as a few others that I hadn’t heard of. I thought this was a brilliant concept as I know my 10 year old sister loves to dress stuff up and she’d be delighted to be able to play through the game with her favourite Disney\Pixar character. All the costumes are unlocked by playing through the various stages within the six different worlds. Each costume can also be upgraded by collecting stars within the the game giving you more power and better defence.

The combat in Disney universe is a simple one button mashing system and destroying swathes of bad guys is easy and for the younger generation probably quite satisfying. I didn’t like the health bar which I had trouble noticing even when I knew where it was which is a circle placed underneath your character, as when your surrounded by enemies I couldn’t see it properly and would often die because of this. However when you do die you respawn in exactly the same position with the only drawback being that you lose some of your mickey mouse coins. As well as the button mashing there’s some fairly straightforward puzzles that no one should have any trouble solving considering the massive blue arrows pointing at everything that needs to be done although these can be turned off to make it slightly more challenging and is something I would recommend doing.
The graphics are typically colourful and cartoon like for this type of game and will please any children but certainly nothing special and the sounds and music are a little repetitive for my taste but again this game isn’t designed for adults.

As well as the single player of which there is plenty to do including collectibles to find on each level, there is 4 player co-op so fun for all the family or a group of young gamers. The co-op only works locally and is not available online.

Closing comments

Adults will probably grow tired of this game quickly as it can get repetitive and is very easy throughout. For children the game is very well presented with plenty to do and is much better than a lot of kids games I’ve seen. It’s well made and will keep a younger audience entertained and not so bad that adults can enjoy playing with children in the four player co-op mode.

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