Battlefield 3

An incredible multiplayer experience!

It is time for war once more now that Battlefield 3 has hit the shelves with an all new campaign and an expansive multiplayer which once again pushes the boundaries in online shooters. The first noticeable thing is the larger scale of the maps compared to Bad Company 2. While Bad Company 2 had some huge maps in Battlefield 3 they feel much larger and in Rush mode some games may last anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour, maybe more.

As well as the huge scale of the maps there is a great deal more customization options than in Bad Company 2 with loads of weapons to unlock and extras such as R.D.S sights, A.C.O.G scopes, fore grips and various other goodies to unlock for each weapon. All this customization makes for a much more rounded, enjoyable experience and will keep you coming back for more if only to unlock that next sweet add on for your favourite gun.

There are 9 maps in total and they are all playable in the 4 available game modes. The majority of them are based in and around Iran with a two of them based in France. The maps are all huge and encourage different styles of play from the huge sprawling vehicle friendly Operation Firestorm to the interesting Operation Metro which in rush mode starts of in the open in a park then leads into a subway tunnel to finally come out of the other end in a dense urban setting and there’s no vehicles whatsoever apart from wrecked trains in the tunnels. Each map is a huge sandbox and will take a lot of time to learn very nook and cranny, in fact some of the maps are so big and detailed that you’ll probably be finding new places and ways to take the objective in months to come.

There’s some changes to the way classes work now for instance the assault class can now choose between having a revive kit or a grenade launcher, support class now has the choice between an ammo pack or C4 explosives, recons have the ability to deploy motion sensors, spawn points and laser designators and the engineer is similar to Bad Company 2 with either a rocket launcher or anti-tank mines to choose from. All classes are able to choose from a variety of S.M.G’s and shotguns.

The scoring system has been improved also with the addition of points for things such as suppression fire and instead of getting just 50 points for a kill assist it’s looks to be based more on a percentage of how much damage you dealt so for 67% damage dealt you’ll receive 67 points for the assist. All this encourages playing for the team and that can only be a good thing.

The vast majority of people playing will only be interested in the conquest and rush game modes but for those that are interested the squad rush mode will be returning as well as the standard team deathmatch and with the server browser it couldn’t be easier to get into the type of game your looking for.
The graphics are an improvement over Bad Company 2 although considering the brand new Frostbite 2 engine not as much as you might expect. The lighting is better and overall the textures look like an improvement but for the full effect of the Frostbite 2 engine you will have to invest in a high end P.C.

The sound as always with Battlefield games impresses immensely. Bullets whizzing past, explosions happening all over the place and all the other chaos and mayhem that goes with war can be heard, making for the most atmospheric audio experience in a game since Bad Company 2.

The single player is like a copy and pasted Modern Warfare campaign with little value to anyone that’s interested in a good single player game. Seriously if that’s what your interested in go and buy one of the fantastic single player games on the market now. For those that are interested you play Sgt Blackburn in the year 2014 on a mission to find a missing squad and return them safely. There’s little to none of Battlefield’s trademark destruction and every mission seems to be forcing you down tight corridors from point A to point B taking out the bad guys and not getting killed yourself. There’s lots of annoying quick time events just to make things worse and is so far removed from the multiplayer it serves little purpose here.

There’s also a co-op mode which is more enjoyable than the single player but is still not that good. The co-op missions surround the events of the single player campaign and is full of frustrating A.I that’s enough to put anyone off it as again there is plenty of superior co-op games on the market.

Closing comments

Battlefield 3’s multiplayer has evolved from Bad Company 2 and is a fantastic multiplayer experience for fans of team focused gameplay. There’s the addictive nature of having something new to unlock at all times that will keep people playing and the huge levels and sound design make you feel like you really are on the battlefield. The very nature of it encourages creativity and team work. The single player and co-op modes are a disappointment but 99% of the people buying this wont be interested in that anyway.


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