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G.T.A. V and beyond

Things we want to see in future G.T.A. games.

After the realism of G.T.A. IV that was both ground-breaking and disappointing, at least for some of us, here are a few wacky and wild ideas that would certainly inject some fun into the game. Some more crazy than others if not impossible to implement on current generation systems, however, we are only limited by our imaginations!

A Superhero

Wouldn’t it be great to catch rare glimpses of a Batman type character helping people or just atop buildings watching over the city? We could have missions tied to them such as finding out their identity and blackmailing them, or a secret mission to try and follow them back to a lair or hideout hidden somewhere within the city.

Bank heists

These could be side missions that vary in size and difficulty. From simple hold-ups to intricate heists that require planning and expensive equipment to pull off. Maybe hire a team to help you such as an expert safe cracker. Could be a good one for online co-op play with the possibility of ripping each other off. It’s already been done in Kane and Lynch but that was a bit naff to be honest and it would work well within the G.T.A world. This would also work well with the Superhero idea.


A whole new world could be realised and discovered in the depths of the ocean. Hidden treasure, sunken ships and a ruined city full of nooks and crannies to explore. This could be interesting with its own underwater physics and weapons such as harpoons. We could have shark attacks, schools of piranhas, ridable dolphins and even giant whales that could trap you inside themselves with some sort of mini game to free yourself.


One of the highlights of Red Dead Redemption was all the wildlife. Obviously the setting is different and there wouldn’t be such an abundance of wildlife in a GTA game, but wouldn’t you still like to shoot down a few wild birds and maybe go bear hunting again?

Go to a space station and fly a space rocket to the moon

Imagine a heavily armed NASA type station that you could break into and steal a rocket flying all the up to the moon. Maybe we could even fly to the International Space Station and hijack it. In fact there’s lots of possibilities relating to this idea.

Milk a cow

A series of cows hidden round the city with some sort of high tech process of storing and extracting drugs out of the milk. The milk could also be collected by an Ice Cream van turned into ice cream and then sold as some kind of designer drug perfect for the hot and sunny Californian weather.

Build and Craft

Building your own safe house or crafting your own weapons would add a whole new level to the game. We would at the very least like more customization options, from cars to clothes.

Time machine

A vehicle in the same vain as the Delorean out of Back to the Future or just a plain old H.G. wells type device. This could whisk us off into a future full of hovering cars and laser weapons, or maybe just take us back in time to play around in 1960’s America.

What else should the next Grand Theft Auto include?

L.A. Noire

A thrilling detective mystery open world game.

This game developed by Team Bondi and published by Rockstar offers something completely different. Taking on the role of Cole Phelps as he works his way through the ranks from a lowly patrol officer up to the arson desk, it’s up to you to solve 21 cases in total.

The game takes place in a near perfect recreation of post war 1940s Los Angeles. Drugs and corruption are rife in the city of angels, this along with the toned down colour palette and jazz music gives the game that old black and white noire film feel.


Call of Duty: Black Ops

Cold War era COD action!

It’s Treyarchs turn to develop the yearly instalment of Call of Duty and this time we’re taken to the Cold War era in a typically linear experience. From the beginning you will be thrown straight into the action with huge, spectacular set pieces in a disjointed plot designed to shock and awe.

For most of the game you will be playing in the shoes of CIA operative Alex Mason. As Alex Mason you will be interrogated by an unknown organization with the missions being played out as flashbacks. Players will be taken to Cuba during the Bay of Pigs invasion, held captive in Russia and will also be taken to Vietnam. As well as Alex Mason players will get the chance to play as fellow CIA operative, Jason Hudson and former Red Army soldier Victor Reznov.


Resident Evil 5

Action horror survival at its best!

When Resident Evil 4 was released with its complete overhaul in design and gameplay, going from a fixed 3D perspective to an over the shoulder 3rd person perspective, they completely changed the series. As well as gaining a more realistic look and feel the series lost its overall sense of claustrophobia and intensity. Capcom have kept this perspective in Resident Evil 5 and it feels even more removed from the first few games in the series. I’m not complaining as I’ve put between 50 to 60 hours in to this game and enjoyed every minute of it but it feels more like playing any other quality 3rd person action game and not the survival horror game that it is coined as.


Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

Burnout meets Need for Speed

From the creators of the Burnout series comes this fantastic, undeniably over-the-top racer and arguably one of the best instalments in the Need for Speed franchise so far. If you’ve been playing N.F.S. games for a while then, like me, you will have noticed the series wane over the last few releases. Upon hearing about Criterion Games being given the chance to jump start the series back into top gear, I for one was very excited, and with good cause. Hot Pursuit not only packs a fresh punch, the new Autolog feature innovates and is something that should be in all racing games, perhaps even in other genres with competitive gameplay.

Set in the fictional world of Seacrest County, Hot pursuit does away with attempting any type of storyline, and puts you straight into the drivers seat of some of the hottest cars around at the moment. From the get go you can play as a cop or a racer, but both have access to the same cars apart from a few exceptions like different skins and flashing lights for the police. This leads me to believe that tax in Seacrest county must be sky high with all the traffic cops super cars being written off on a minute-by-minute basis.


Batman: Arkham City

The Dark Knight returns

Batman: Arkham Asylum set a new precedent when it was released just over two years ago with a great story set in the Batman world, great gameplay and solid mechanics. The sequel doesn’t disappoint and expands upon all the great things from the first game making for an unmissable experience for fans of Batman and fans of gaming alike.

Arkham City is based shortly after events from the first game where former Arkham Asylum warden Quincy Sharp now runs Gotham City as its mayor. He has sectioned off part of the city and moved all inmates from the asylum and Blackgate prison to here. This area is called Arkham City and Hugo Strange runs it and it’s your job as Batman to find out what’s going on in this god forsaken place!


Saints Row: The Third

For those that like to sin

To compare the Saints Row series to the G.T.A games would at this point be unfair considering how far removed from each other they are. Saints Row forgets about placing any restrictions on you and gives you an open world with an expansive list of ridiculous and outrageous toys to play with.


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Quantity and quality!

The only other Elder Scrolls game I played is Oblivion and it overtook everything for around four weeks of my life. I even took a week off work and didn’t do anything apart from play Oblivion, often until past seven o’clock in the morning. It’s not something I’m proud of, however it is testament to the fact these games are extremely addictive and incredibly immersive.

Skyrim is in the most northern part of Tamriel and is home to the Nords. The graphical shift is quite a bit different from the more colourful Oblivion. The graphics are more serious with an almost black and white look at times and in certain parts of Skyrim you will come across sever snowstorms that drastically block your view and if it wasn’t for the compass it would be easy to get lost. There are beautiful waterfalls and flowing waterways and this along with the dynamic weather system makes the world of Skyrim feel vibrant and alive.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

It’s that time of year again!

Every November we can expect to see a new Call of Duty game and this year is no different, so what can we expect from this well worn franchise? It’s understandable why the game is so popular the single player aspect is a high octane roller coaster ride as always even if it is hard to get your head around the plot at times and the multiplayer constantly rewards you with perks and rewards.

As with MW2 when you put the disc in for the first time you will be greeted with a message that there is disturbing content within the campaign and would you like to skip it. I cannot imagine anyone choosing to skip it it’s like when they “warn” you before a show starts on television with sexual nudity and graphic violence. I believe it serves the purpose of advertising rather than warning anyone.


Battlefield 3

An incredible multiplayer experience!

It is time for war once more now that Battlefield 3 has hit the shelves with an all new campaign and an expansive multiplayer which once again pushes the boundaries in online shooters. The first noticeable thing is the larger scale of the maps compared to Bad Company 2. While Bad Company 2 had some huge maps in Battlefield 3 they feel much larger and in Rush mode some games may last anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour, maybe more.

As well as the huge scale of the maps there is a great deal more customization options than in Bad Company 2 with loads of weapons to unlock and extras such as R.D.S sights, A.C.O.G scopes, fore grips and various other goodies to unlock for each weapon. All this customization makes for a much more rounded, enjoyable experience and will keep you coming back for more if only to unlock that next sweet add on for your favourite gun.